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Title: [VX Ace Request] Title screen
Post by: TheMaddHatter on March 13, 2014, 05:10:05 AM
I'm in need of a picture for my title screen. The picture I have in mind would have a battle in front of a city with a high tower, mountains in the background and a demon floating above the city ready to attack the city, or fighting someone on the tower. All of which in a fantasy world (think DnD or LoTR) with orcs and goblins(maybe a troll or two) fighting dwarves, and elves (mankind could be fighting all of the above and each other). It should be dark, ominous and gritty, with a fiery glow in the sky. I would also like it to fit with the character/tile sets I'm using, which is the High Fantasy packs (example:

I would like to see an example(s) of the artists work before having someone undertake such a project, just in case, it's not used and their time is wasted.