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Title: Question regarding Presence of Music audio
Post by: Armisael191 on April 24, 2013, 02:53:27 AM
I saw a link for Presence of Music on a thread here, but would I couldn't figure out(and can't figure out from the google auto translator) is if any of this music is allowed to be used in commercial projects.

Does anyone know? Would anyone mind clarifying for me if possible? I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks.
Title: Re: Question regarding Presence of Music audio
Post by: &&&&&&&&&&&&& on April 24, 2013, 03:40:30 AM
Quote from:
-Music in this website is fine and I am using as free material but, All rights reserved all people.

· Please re-distribution to third parties of the music, do not resale. I please refrain from processing.

· I use is prohibited work contrary to public policy, on the site etc..

Link thank you to the top page always. Please refrain from any other page, the link to the music.

And utilization reporting is optional, please indicate that it is the material on this site whenever you are exposed to work with the music.

- We are not responsible for any damage and the loss even if caused by the use of music in this website. Please note.

It seems the answer is no, it would not be okay to use in a commercial project.
It seems they don't own any of the music, they're just hosting it. It says on line second line "Do not resale".

I also ran it through babelFish to make sure.

-Is fine, we have songs in this site use of all rights reserved caretaker. -Please do not resell distribution music distribution to third parties.

Also please refrain.

-Obscene works, site, etc. is prohibited. -Please link is always on top.

Links to other pages, music is prohibited. • Be sure if the exposed works usage reports are optional using the song was (English)

"Please do not resell distribution music."