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Title: [XP] [Script Edit/Request] — In-Battle HUD Batt./Char. Swap and Window Resize!
Post by: Maytag on January 02, 2013, 08:52:29 PM
Well hello there! Haven't been on these forums since Oct '06! Man it's been a long time.

Edit:I changed my mind about one of the scripts I was requesting. I have taken it out.

Have I Searched?

Script Request

A small alteration to the battle system HUD.
I'm looking to remove the Battler pictures and replace them with the characters normal walking around graphic.
This way, I can still create characters and use them in battle without having to worry about creating Battlers. (Seems excessive)

( (
Here's to a terrible mockup, of what I'm about to explain.
I'm looking to replace the Battler graphic with the characters walking graphic. Move the HP/SP a bit to the right (Max HP/SP will be 9999 and not 99,999)
And change the height of the bottom window.

Thanks for anyone reading this. Just looking for some direction on how to do this.
I think I could change the Battler with the Character easily, I'm just not so sure about the resizing and replacement lol
Whether you create some scripts, craft some events, or let me in on a huge secret, I'm extremely grateful :D