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Title: [RESOLVED]can i do this
Post by: couldbne1 on November 08, 2011, 12:23:42 AM
OK I am using VX and want to set up a switch or something that makes it so that in order to leave the first town you must first talk to 5 key people that give either plot info or items that will be used later in the game.

This is a fairly common thing in RPG like when you get the pop up message or a person at the town gate that tells you that you should speak to everyone before you leave...

I set each person to turn on a switch (leave 1-5) after you talk to them and get what ever they have to offer but can not seem to figure out a way to link the 5 switches to one common event that will make the exit point of the town active rather than tell you that you should speak to everyone... Any Ideas?
Title: Re: can i do this
Post by: modern algebra on November 08, 2011, 12:33:46 AM
conditional branches.

Alternatively, you could use one variable instead of five switches. Add 1 to the variable every time you talk to one of the key people. Have the page condition (or conditional branch) set to check if the variable is 5 or greater.

You could use self-switches so that the same person could not advance the variable more than once. Alternatively, you could just use the one variable, but have one of the events advance it by 1, the next by 2, the next by 4, the next by 8, and the last by 16. That way you could use simply use one other variable and it would be a simple operation to determine if you had already spoken to each individual key person.
Title: Re: [RESOLVED]can i do this
Post by: couldbne1 on November 08, 2011, 01:27:20 AM
SWEEEET!!! You rock MA using one variable and had each key person advance it by 1 and the self switch to make sure no person could advance it more than 1 and it works perfectly THANK YOU :-)