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Title: Myspace - Redesign
Post by: :) on February 15, 2010, 01:14:46 AM
Hey guys. Looking for some feedback on an important project.

I got invited to Myspace HQ next Friday in response to my site

And I wanted to go ahead and make a page (maybe more later) and get some feedback.

To those who aren't aware of the current Account Settings page design:
It's pretty messy, and really doesn't have a structure to it. The navigation is far to extensive (many of them can be combined) and isn't alphabetized (if that matters to anyone?)

My take on the design: (Account and Contact Info tab are functional examples)

Some questions:

And I guess the same items would apply to the mock-profile

Thanks, it's a big deal for me so anything you say helps.
Title: Re: Myspace - Redesign
Post by: modern algebra on February 15, 2010, 01:37:03 AM
Wow, I'm impressed Nouman, and I wish you the best of luck. I'm afraid I have no valid opinion about web design, even on pure aesthetics, so I likely won't be of much help.

I think that maybe blue & white isn't the best colour scheme, since it is the same as facebook. I realize it is currently the colour scheme of myspace (and I don't know which adopted it first), but maybe if they want to revamp their site then they should try to make it look distinct from its biggest competitor. Somewhat the same point, the layout of picture and widgets on the left, with the options along the top is kind of also similar to facebook.

But, that doesn't really matter so much. I think the design is quite nice and sleek. The Account Settings page is perfect IMO. Waaaaay better than the one they have now.

For the questions:
1) I like icons - pages full of text and nothing else are kind of boring. However, I don't find they aid me in navigating sites.
2) The page structure is easy to follow and yes, the dividers and headings help a lot.
3) Nothing seems out of place to me. Except for the name of the person whose profile you're viewing, which I can't find.

And again, Go Nouman! :) I am sure you'll impress them this Friday and I will be silently cheering for you the whole day.
Title: Re: Myspace - Redesign
Post by: Grafikal on February 15, 2010, 02:04:19 AM
Badass. I know I don't ever use myspace anymore strictly because it interface is ugly and clunky. I agree with MA that you might choose a different color than the blue you're using. The widgets are a great idea. And lol @ insulting myspace then calmly rubbing their backs and telling them it'll be ok...if they hire you. haha.
Title: Re: Myspace - Redesign
Post by: :) on February 15, 2010, 02:10:12 AM
Thanks MA! Your opinion as an avid web user is more important than you can imagine :)

I have to agree with you on the blue and white. Funny thing is their attempt to stray away from the colors has brought neon pinks and oranges into their pages--yuck.  Myspace was out a while before facebook jumped into the mix, which is where a little confusion occurs in terms of who borrowed what. The default Myspace profile first consisted of a user-focused left aligned sidebar with content taking up the remainder of the space. I do agree with you though that it is similar, I think I may have to try some other alignments or totally different layout options, if of course I'm offered a position haha.

I too think icons look nice. How extensive should I use them? I know some sites have them in navigation, options, specific sections, and overkill it.

I'm thinking about minimal use in two ways:

 where I use it on the section headings only. For example on maybe icons next to Account Email Address, Account Settings, Account Cancellation


I use it on what I call action links, links of text which aren't true links, nor buttons. so really on that specific example, it would only be like adding an X image in the Cancel My Account box.

as for the other two, thanks for taking a look!

@grafikal haha thanks! Someone else pointed that out, though unintentional I guess it worked :)
Also like I mentioned I agree about the colors. One reason I stayed with their current scheme was to not assume full control with my design. I didn't want to come off as changing their image or branding.

And that point is the same reason I switched over to facebook a few years back. And with myspace it's getting worse, they have a couple of pages redesigned already (over the past year) so there isn't even consistency in the layout anymore. Some have the traditional look, then you click a link and wonder where you are. Also the widgets idea I mentioned to allow people to connect with their other online identities as well as restructure their layout, glad you like :)

Title: Re: Myspace - Redesign
Post by: Holkeye on February 15, 2010, 02:38:59 AM
Get rid of those dumbass banners and music players that always come up. Myspace pages shouldn't take longer than flash sites to load.
Title: Re: Myspace - Redesign
Post by: :) on February 15, 2010, 02:50:00 AM
Get rid of those dumbass banners and music players that always come up. Myspace pages shouldn't take longer than flash sites to load.

I had similar words in my site before I removed them :3
Totally agree though.