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Title: [Event Tut] Visually Changing Equipment [VX] [Difficulty:Intermediate]
Post by: Grafikal on August 16, 2008, 01:40:49 AM
Visually Changing Equipment
TUTORIAL by: Grafikal007

If you equip any equipment large enough to be seen visually on a 32x32 sprite, it will change the appearance of your character(s). [Note: This won't work for in battle, unless you have a script that sets your sprite as your battler.]



Not really applicable. Just imagine your character looking different for each thing you equip.


Step 1:

Spoiler for:
----Gather images that contain your character wearing every single combination of armor you plan on including for them to wear. [Yes, I realize that it is A LOT, just check my demo ...  :tpg:]

Step 2:

Spoiler for:
----Import your images like you would any other resource.

Step 3:

Spoiler for:
----Create 1 switch.
--Name that switch " Armor ON ", or anything like that.

Step 4:

Spoiler for:
----Create 1 common event. [It's going to be big.]
--Name your common event something like " Swapping Equipment ".
--Make sure you make it a Parallel Process.
--Make sure that it's switch to activate it is the one you created.


Step 1:

Spoiler for:
--In your common event, create 1 conditional branch.
--On second page of the branch, check on Actor.
--Choose the actor that is going to be changing his armor visually.
--On that page, check on Armor.
--Select his basic chest armor. [It's the biggest visual piece and is usually standard while other things like helmets/capes/weapons are conditional]

Step 2:
Spoiler for:
--In that conditional branch, create a new event command from page 3: Change Actor Graphic...
--Select the corresponding character from the conditional branch
--His/her new graphic should be nothing but just a chest armor of some type [what ever you plan on having his chest armor being alone with nothing else equipped]

Step 3:
Spoiler for:
----Step two is the 'Base' of where the rest of the armor is included.
--Under the newest event command (Change Actor Graphic...) but still in the first conditional branch, create a NEW conditional branch.
--Uncheck ' Set handling when conditions do not apply '.
--Repeat Step 1 and Step 2. However, a part different from Step 1, make the specific equipment the character wears this time a helmet. A part different from Step 2, select an image that corresponds with the body armor AND a new Helmet (or cape/weapon).

Step 4:
Spoiler for:
--Repeat Step 3 over and over including a different and single piece of armor for each condition/image that ONLY corresponds with the chest piece your character wears from the FIRST conditional branch.

Step 5:
Spoiler for:
--When finished with Step 4, go back through each secondary conditional branch (the one that includes the separate armor pieces) and create a tertiary conditional branch that is one piece separate from 1: The chest, and 2: (whatever the secondary conditional branch is while editing).
--This third conditinal branch will look like all the others.
--Also recreate a new command event for changing the image
--The new image should include A: The basic chest armor from the first conditional branch, B: The armor from the current second conditional branch, and C: the armor from this third conditional branch.

Step 6:
Spoiler for:
--Repeat Step 5 into each secondary conditional branch. (At this point, your character is at a maximum of 3 different pieces of armor worn in all)

----We'll stop here for the amount of armor you need

Step 7:
Spoiler for:
--Create a parallel process event on the very FIRST map your character ever begins on.
--In that event, create a new event command
--Turn on the switch you made at the beginning (" Armor ON ")

Step 8:
Spoiler for:
--Test Play

Now, this may seem a bit confusing at first, however once you get the rhythm of making the branches, it will get easy.

Note: Looking at the demo's Common Event may clarify a lot of your questions.

Also Note: In the demo, if you're not wearing any chest armor at all, you'll retain your character image even if you change your helmet or cape. As soon as you put on a chest armor, the image will change appropriately.




The demo is attached.
Title: Re: [Event Tut] Visually Changing Equipment [VX] [Difficulty:Intermediate]
Post by: moejoeman on September 01, 2008, 07:59:11 AM
wow that's great grafikal  ;D
Title: Re: [Event Tut] Visually Changing Equipment [VX] [Difficulty:Intermediate]
Post by: littlekittygarden on October 30, 2008, 03:06:36 AM
How do I make it so it changes the character's graphic back to normal when the armor is removed? 
Title: Re: [Event Tut] Visually Changing Equipment [VX] [Difficulty:Intermediate]
Post by: Grafikal on October 31, 2008, 08:48:51 PM
I'm not sure what you mean by 'back to normal'. But if it's anything, just make some new conditions that have you wearing whatever your specific 'normal' is. The same way I described how to make other suits.