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Title: FAQs - RMXP/2K3 {Please check before posting!}
Post by: Zeriab on July 04, 2007, 07:48:10 PM
We have a couple Frequently Asked Questions for XP answered in a topic located in the Tutorials section (,8.0.html)
You can find the topic here:RMXP FAQ (,6835.0.html)
It is recommend that you look through to questions to see if there is an answer to your problem. ;)


General FAQ

Where can I download the RPG Makers and will it cost me anything?

Spoiler for Answer:
You can download most Rpg Makers (RM for short) on this site, we recomend that you download from us or any other trusted site to insure your safety. Here is a link to our download section: Download Section. (

Will it cost you anything? For all RMs excluding RMXP the answer is no, but even with RMXP you can sneak around the price.

To get RMXP for free you can do three things:

1) Download the buggy Postailty Knights (PK) edition for free on this site (or just search for it in a search engine),

2) You can download the free trial version off of Enterbrains Home website and find a Keygen (normally when you download the free trial, you would pay enterbrain and they would give you a "Key" (a password of sorts) and you enter it into the trial version to unlock it) you simply enter the pass generated and enter it. [DO NOT ASK FOR THE KEYGEN ON THIS SITE]

3)Similar to method two, you can also apparently download a patch and install it to get the same results.

Or of course you could do the honest thing and buy it.

I don't know anything about RMs or making an RPG! Help!

Spoiler for Answer:
Don't worry! We have a tutorial section in RMRK (located here (,8.0.html)) with PLENTY of helpful guides.

If you don't know what tutorial you need, I recommend this: Tutorial Index. (,9364.0.html)

Remember! We all do this out of our free time and we are not paid for this, so don't waste our time by asking questions to answers you could find out yourself with a few simple clicks. SEARCH FIRST!

I'm after resources (more maps, more sprite sets, more face sets, more chip sets, etc...), where can I find them? {Also: How to search}

Spoiler for Answer:
There are many places you can go to get resources and they should always be free of charge.
The first place you can get them is of course here, in our resource section (here is a link to the RMRK resource section (,7.0.html)).

The most important thing in finding the particular resource you are after is the search bar (located in the top right section of your screen), using the search bar is very simple, the best method is to first know what you need, and to enter a few select descriptive words to type into the search bar (it does not matter what order they are in), an example would be if you where after a female face set with blue hair, what you would put down is: blue female face or possibly less with even just female face (the less you put in, the more you will have to search through but you will have a higher chance of finding what you want).

The important tip in searching on this site is to go to the correct area first and then search, in order to cut down finds.

If you don't find what you're after on this site, you're next best bet would to be looking in a search engine (something like Google ( The same general tips can be used here, but finding your specific needs can be a little more difficult, so if you can't find specifics you may want to just look for a resource site by entering something like Rpg Maker XP/2k3/2003 resource  and looking through the sites that come up. Remember! If a site asks you to pay money for resources it is in all likeliness a scam, sprites, maps, face sets (etc) should always be free to download. Also, please have a good virus protector when downloading anything from the net! :)

Title: Re: FAQ - RMXP
Post by: Deliciously_Saucy on July 09, 2007, 09:33:56 AM
I'm entering some FAQs into the first post for 2k3~
Title: Re: FAQs - RMXP/2K3
Post by: Zeriab on July 09, 2007, 12:15:58 PM
Please keep doing that if you get more ^_^
Title: Re: FAQs - RMXP/2K3 {Please check before posting!}
Post by: Deliciously_Saucy on July 13, 2007, 12:05:36 AM
updated, if anyone sees any errors or have any suggestions for questions, post it here.