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Just thought I would share the role play site I made, and where I generally got the inspiriation to do Aerion Online. It's rather dead now, but a good 20+ people come on per day, and post so I'm hoping to get some new blood in there to help rejuvinate the once booming place.

In addition you can keep up on the day to day progress in the game.

Name: Aerion Online
Site URL:
Member Count: 600+
Post Count: 24,000+
Start Date: April 8th, 2006
Board Classification: Role Play Base
Role Play Type: Play By Post
Role Play Theme: Post-Midevil/Fantasy


Head Administrator/MMORPG Head Developer~Naphe
Co-MMORPG Character/Monster Developer~Resign
Moderator~Lord Rath
Moderator~Gods Toy Soldier
Part-Time Moderator~Foresworn

Current Features:

Mini Post Profiles
Active Staff
Rule Balanced Society
Quick Response Judging
Quick Response Approving
Holiday Events
F.A.Q. Reference Database
Role Play Ethics Learning Program
Boundless Races
Boundless Items
Boundless Skills
Unlimited Levels
Money System
Level System
Experience System
Approved Guilds Acquire A Guild Forum
Guild Treasury & Taxing System
Great Easy-To-Learn Forum Setup

Coming Soon:

Aerion Online The MMORPG!
Guild HQ Locational Purchase
In-Guild Features
Guild Wars
Pet Shop
New Regions
Extensive Storyline

Summary: After the original Aerion Online forum was deleted by a rebellious administrator, the new administrator Naphe revived it. He created a new forum layout and made it completely RP - Based. Although it is mostly based on roleplaying, there is a small community, consisting of general chat, artistry, and simple forum games. Although it has not been open for a very long time, Aerion Online is thriving, with over seventy members on only the third day. We hope that you will join A.O. in hopes to improve your roleplaying skills, or rolepaly well if they're already great!
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You copyrighted a bunch of trading card designs, yet can't be bothered to pay for a decent site?

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Due to the incompetance of Silverline's actions I've decided to leave the RMRK community. By Silverline's action to feel the need to impress the mature of the RMRK community rather than to better the community as a whole, I've finally become fed up with this corrupt and misleading rule.
Though for those who still want to know the whereabouts of me and my various projects, you can find me and my projects at the forum I originally created for the Unity idea that you may find in the, "RPGMaker 2000 & 2003, XP" forum.

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Farwell CommonDragon, Blizzard, Zeriab, and everyone else that made the community an enjoyable and beneficial designers of all ages.

With Deepest Regrets,

Naphe Urozuki
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