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Sound Test Scene
Version: 1.0
Author: DiamondandPlatinum3
Date: June 18, 2013

Planned Future Versions
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This script creates a new scene in your menu which allows you to listen to music in your game.
There are three different versions of this script which do different things. I suggest you read what each does before deciding which one you want to use.


Customisable Version
  • Allows you to directly set the Display Name of Audio Files
  • Allows you to only listen to a certain track if you've unlocked that track via an event switch
  • Allows you to use categories for your tracks
  • Allows you to apply Audio Information for each individual track
  • Allows you to have individual album art for each song displayed in the background.

Customisable-CSV Version
  • Has the same features as the customisable version.
  • The customisation process for sound files is instead done via a .csv file rather than hardcoded into the script.

Non-Customisable Version
  • Allows you to link folders to your SoundTestScene. Each time you view the SoundTestScene all SoundFiles in that Folder will be Added for you to listen to. This includes any new sounds you've inputted since your last visit.

Customisable Sound Test Scene
Spoiler for:

Customisable-CSV Version
Spoiler for:

Non-Customisable Sound Test Scene
Spoiler for:


  • You can call the scene at anytime by using the following in a script call:
  • Go into the Editable Region on either version and edit things as needed.
  • If using the CSV Version, get the default CSV File from Mediafire and edit it as needed.

Get it from here


  • DiamondandPlatinum3


  • Zeriab - Just for some hugs


Post in this thread or PM me.

Known Compatibility Issues
I am unaware of any scripts it doesn't work with; if you find any, post in this thread.


Shouldn't be necessary

Author's Notes

In case you're interested you can watch this script being made here.

Terms of Use

You may find my Terms of Use Here.
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Hey, that's pretty cool! :) Awesome work, D&P3!!
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Wow, finally a customisable sound test. All it's missing is a script call and menu command/sounds disable...

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Script has been updated for the customisable version.

  • Sounds now have individual categories, as well as individual album art that can be displayed when selected.
  • Extra options added to the Editable Region.
  • New CSV Version Added: This version is basically the same as the customisable version except that all sound editing is done via csv files.