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What is this thread?
This is the official topic for my QuikSprite software.  Currently it is in closed beta (Beta-2) and I am gathering opinions, ideas and bug reports from testers. If you would like to be a tester, read below.  If all things go as planned, it will be ready for release in the next few days but that will not be possible without people to help me test the program (and preferably a few artists who are willing to make assets for it and get credit for it in the process).


Artist: Work closely with me and test a beta copy of the program upon completion of the closed beta copy.  The artist will be responsible for making their own templates for their characters (base template, hair, eyes, clothes, accessories etc.) and testing them in the program.  I will provide examples if necessary(examples are included in the install in their appropriate folders).  Your assets that you design will be provided separately in "packs" that the users can download for use.   Your character templates can be of any size as long as each piece is the same size as it's corresponding base-template (the nude character) so here you have free reign for what you make.  You don't even have to make character-sets for an RM game for that matter. 

Tester: Work closely with me and report bugs that you may find.  Your main role will be to tell me if the program opened up fine (ex. "it is missing a .dll file and will not open."), did the options work correctly and any addendum notes you may think of (but I won't tell you how to do your job.  The more thorough you are with this, the easier you make my job and the faster we can get this released).

PM me if you are interested in joining me on this project for either of these positions.  In your PM, you will need the following:
  • Name (The name you wish to be credited as.  Can be your real name.)
  • Position
  • (if you are interested in the Artist position) Examples of your Spriting/Pixel Art
  • Computer specs.
    • Operating System
    • Processor (Brand/Model/Speed)
    • RAM
    Despite it being a basic program and hardly graphic intensive, I still would like a wide range of computers to test this on so that we can see if any performance bugs creep up.  As of right now, the program has only been tested on a Windows 7 machine.

    Feb. 7th, 2012:
    • Began work on the program, creating basic functionality.
    Feb. 11th, 2012:
    • Fixed a few errors that caused the program to crash if there were no assets chosen when changing the character's gender.
    • Changed the code to allow for images of any size, further allowing the user to get even more creative.
    • (of course) Added more options to further test the feature.  Looks like it will continue without a hitch from there.
    • Fixed the gender selection to revert the image and selections back to it's defaults.  Considering making it save the gender's options so that the user may swap back and forth freely and not lose their previous choices.
    • Set the image inside of a panel to allow for scrolling of the image so that users may use the program in any resolution (within reason).
    Feb. 12, 2012:
    • Added the option to change Hue (thanks to GubiD from Creation Asylum for suggesting it in the Screenshot topic)
    • Added the ability to Save your character (along with shortcuts to do so) as you would any other windows application.
    • All that is left to do is finish implementing each piece and verifying they are being correctly displayed.
    • Completed the first Beta and is ready for Closed Beta testing.
    Feb. 16, 2012
    • Added a Zoom feature to allow for viewing tiny details such as eye colors or whatever tiny details you may try to add to your character.
    • Added a save project feature to allow you to save and load your projects whenever you choose.

    Spoiler for Feb. 13, 2012:

    Spoiler for Feb. 12, 2012:

    Spoiler for Feb. 11, 2012:
    As you can see from the image, the program allows for images of all sizes to be used.  Scroll bars were added to allow for use on any resolution (obviously not a character in the image but it was the easiest way to test the size :P).

    A few hours later, added a color picker for the background. 

    Spoiler for Feb. 7th:

    Lethrface(Me-duh): Programming, Art

    Infection (from Creation Asylum): Tester

    (if you are interested in being on the team, just read the Recruiting section)[/list]
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