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[XP] Septerra Core Dream About the Past

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Septerra Core Dream About the Past is a sequel of the commercial game Septerra Core Legacy of the Creator.
Game is made on RPG Maker XP

In commercial first part we learned about world made of seven shells. Each of them were inhabited by people and animals. All shells have been combined, and the gift of the creator was shown to everyone. After that people had peace for a few years.
In my sequel 3 years after everything, new danger hangs over Septerra's world. Big explosion caused by Nergal, disconnects all shells one more time, which results in destroying world spine. All shells are going in their own direction, and they will collide in 45 days. One more time Maya - main character - will have to gather her friends to save the world, but this time with help of new person - Doskias.
Doskias and Selina were rescued in last seconds by the soldiers, and they managed to survive. After everything Doskias claimed, that Gods gave him new life, and now he wants to rebuild everythink what he destroyed.

You'll have possibility to choose 10 different characters through the game (you'll be able to choose new character for the battle - Doskias). The battle system is changed for a Real time battle like in Final Fantasy. Game provides 10 to 15 hours of play. What's more, game has 2 endings. While playing you can choose your way, and the plot will go in different direction.

Music and graphics:
Only 20% of the game is made of standard graphics. Music is in 100% new.

I want to say thank you to people, which helped me with this game:
Zbix - for creating a lot of monster characters
Sabikku - for help with scripts
HT - my english friend for correction of translation

Game (ver.1.1):

Game guide with walkthrough:


If the game doesn't run try:
- enable compatibility mode as windows xp and run as administrator of game.exe
- if still doesn't run instal game on other partiction of disk (for example D: instead of C:)
If still doesn't work write to me sensou@o2.pl

Additional info:

Additional buttons:
- Z - shows window with party member change
- A - shows map if bought
- S - hides map
- Q - you can enter the cheat code
- F12 - pause

This game has cheat code. Hint to this code you'll find on shell 3. Use only capital letters with no space. It will give 5000 exp and gold.
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So, is this game complete?

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Yes, it's complete.

If anyone can't get through certain part of the game or just can't play and wants to see what's in it, look into let's play Septerra Core by Kuuimpact:
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