[VX] How to convert SPIRIT to Mana Regen

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How to convert SPIRIT to Mana Regen

Hi everyone,
this is a rather simple way to make SPIRIT regenerate Mana at the end of every turn. It should work for every turn-based battle system, I haven’t tested it with ATB. It doesn’t need scripting, it requires only one variable and database editing. Obviously you can change both Spirit and Mana to e.g. Defense and HP, and so on.

1) Open the Database (F9) and go to the tag “Troops”. You are going to edit the Battle Event pages.

2) Set the “Condition” to: “When the end of the turn” and “Turn No. 0 + 1 *X”. Press OK.

3) Now edit “Span” and set it to: “Turn”.

4) Edit the Battle Event page, as it’s shown in the screenshots below:
@>Control Variables: [0001:SPI/Mana] = [Ralph]'s Spirit

5) Then change the variable to the percentage of Spirit that will be converted to Mana at the end of every turn: you can achieve this by dividing the value by 10, 5, 4, 2 (10%, 20%, 25%, 50%) and so on.

Let’s say we want the 25% of Ralph's Spirit to be converted to Mana at the end of the turn.
@>Control Variables: [0001:SPI/Mana] /= 4

Now change Ralph's MP by the variable:
@>Change MP: [Ralph], + Variable [0001:SPI/Mana]

This is how the Battle Event page should look like:

6) Now repeat these 3 lines for every actor in the database. You don’t need to set a different variable.

7) You’re almost done: just “Copy Event Page” and paste it for ALL of your troops.

I hope you’ll find this helpful! :)
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