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Actor Item Synthesis
Last Update: 2009.06.03
By: Yanfly Engine ReDux
This item synthesis script is influenced after Gust RPG's famous synthesizing systems. To synthesize an item, one would need a recipe and the required actor in your party. Different actors can yield different outcomes, but they all possess and use the same ingredients.

Another thing this script will provide (for the player) is that any items that were synthesized through the shop's recipes can then be bought without need to synthesize them again. The need to constantly resynthesize items to get more of them becomes rather tedious and that really isn't something we should put the player through.

This script also allows playing events after item creation similar to that of the Gust RPG's. There you can play out little skits and such or even unlock certain parts of the game for synthesizing a particular item.


Click here to view the main script.

Since there’s a couple of important features, I’ll use screenshots to explain everything.


To enter the synthesis shop, first, turn on the SYNTH_SWITCH (by default, it's 72). Then, create a small shop with the recipes you would like to have created. Note that the shop does not provide these recipes, but the player is required to have them.

Sets the switch ID used to check whether or not to launch the synthesis scene.


If a player does not have the recipes used for the synthesis shop, there will not be an option available for the player until the player does have one. Recipes must be gained through normal shops, events, or any other form of item retrieval. Once the player does retrieve them, the synth options for the recipes will appear on list.


If a recipe hasn't been synthesized yet, it will still show the recipe's name. But once synthesized, the result will appear in place of the recipe's name. Depending on how you've set your options, synthesizing recipes may or may not consume the base recipe itself.

If the recipe is an item-type, setting this to true will consume the recipe.

If the recipe is a weapon-type, setting this to true will consume the recipe.

If the recipe is an armour-type, setting this to true will consume the recipe.

The following are tags which you may include into your item, weapon, or armour's notebox to change consuming rules:

<consume recipe> or <not consume recipe>
This will override the default rules set for consuming recipes. The first will always consume the recipe regardless of the rulesetting and the second one will prevent the recipe from being consumed.


Different actors can also yield different results with the same recipe. For instance, in the screenshot above, Ralph makes a Speed Up item using the Stat Boost Recipe. Ulrika makes a Power Up, Bennett makes a Guard Up, and Ylva makes a Mind Up. They all use the same recipe and ingredients, but the results are different. Switching between actors can be done by simply pressing Left or Right in the synthesis menu.


Any items that were synthesized can then be bought under the buy menu. These items do not require resynthesizing at all. They also do not require the actors that synthesized them to be present either. The reason this feature has been implemented is because on the player end, synthesizing items can become extremely tedious and waste massive amounts of time just to get one thing done right. Providing the player relative ease is also providing the player concern.


Now, you're probably wondering, how the heck do I do all of this? Well, it's fairly simple. There's no need to even touch the script at all for creating a recipe. All you have to do is open up the RPG Maker database, go to the items tab, weapons tab, or armour tab (whichever of the three item-types) and edit the notebox. That item will become the recipe to create another.

That's the core of it. For the <synth actor>, if you want to make something universal amongst all actors, use actor ID 0. Otherwise, if an actor is not included, that actor will not be able to use that recipe (simple as that). The parts following like I:14 and such determine whether or not it's an item created, weapon created (example W:24), or armour created (example A:1).  The number following the colon is the item's ID that you must match to the tag. This tag is one of two tags absolutely required for the item to be considered a recipe.

The second of the two tags required is the <ingredients> tag. Just like the above, I:14, W:24, and A:1 will determine whether or not it's an item used, weapon used, or armour used as ingredients. The number following the colon determines the item's ID. The number following the x determines how many of the item required for the synthesis. Item requirements of 0 are also allowed and they will not be consumed when creating the item.

The <synth cost> determines how much the synthesis will cost. If you don't include the tag, the synthesis will be free.

There's another basic run down of them:

<synth actor a b:c>
a is the ID of the actor that can use the recipe. If the ID is 0, all actors can user the recipe. b has to be either I, W, or A. This will determine what type of item will be produced, an item, weapon, or armour. c is the ID of the item type to be created. <synth actor 3 I:8> means if actor 3 uses this recipe then actor 3 will create Item ID 8.

<synth cost n>
This is how much synthesizing the recipe will cost. If this isn't included, the synthesis is considered to be free.

<ingredients a:b> or <ingredients a:b xc>
This determines what ingredients are needed. a has to be either I, W, or A to determine what type of item is being used. b determines the item ID of the item type to be used. Should you decide to use the second tag, c is how many of the item is needed for the recipe to be made.


I know I've mentioned Gust RPG's earlier. This is what I'm referring to. Some synthesis sessions can result in common events. During these common events, skits can be played, switches can be turned off and on, variables may change, actors may gain experience, etc. This can all be done akin to Gust synthesis systems. How far you can go with these will depend on your skill as an eventer.

<synth actor a event:b>
For those that want to play a common event after a synthesis, set b to the ID of the common event desired. a is the actor set to play after that actor makes an item. If a is 0, it is set for all actors.


- I doubt there would be compatibility issues, even with other item synthesis scripts.
Please report any compatibility issues and I'll try my best to fix them.

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- Influenced by Gust RPG's. (´????)
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Side-battle systems are the lens flare of RPG Maker.

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Very cool!

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This looks wicked, Yanfly. Thanks for sharing.

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Very cool script, I was using KGC but this is easier to manage.

Click for my current project.

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Unfortunately, the page for the script no longer exists.  :(

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Coincidentally I uploaded this for another user just a couple minutes ago.

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I've tried finding this. But It's not available anywhere, and Pockethouse is not showing anything. Is it possible for anyone to Upload a Demo of it here for Download?

Also is it YEM Compatible?

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Yanfly moved to http://yanflychannel.wordpress.com. You'll find all his past scripts there.

It is YEM Compatible if I remember correctly.

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