Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

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And so begins the topic for Second Barrage. I had to order vol. 1 from Borders since nobody had it in stock. But it arrived and so now I've seen the first four episodes.

Second Barrage is the second season of Black Lagoon. Wikipedia does a much better job explaining it, once again, but be warned, the article is spoiler-rific. Second Barrage starts with episode 13. I don't know much about the second season yet, since I've just started. But so far there have been quite a few new characters introduced. Most notable are the two adorable "vampire" twins who refer to each other as "fratele meu" (center picture, on the right) and "sora mea" (center picture, on the left) but are also known as "Hänsel" and "Gretel". And then in episode four, there's Greenback Jane (on the right). I don't know much about her at the moment because I don't have disk 2 yet, :tpg: but she's a money counterfeiter from India.

Once again, be careful about spoilers, discuss the second season or any episode from the second season, and begin!