Black Lagoon

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There will be two topics. One for Black Lagoon, and one for Second Barrage. I want to keep them separate because I want to discuss both season separately, for people who haven't seen all of both yet, so do not merge these topics. Please remember to keep all spoilers under a spoiler tag.

ALRIGHT! Black Lagoon is the name of a delivery company who handles just about any kind of package. In other words, they'll deliver anything, no questions asked, and they're prepared to open fire and kill to complete a job. Well, two of them are, anyway. Revy and Dutch. Rock and Benny are the two others on the crew. They don't shoot, they handle the paperwork and stuff.

On the picture to the right, from left to right: Benny, Rock, Revy, and Dutch.

Rock is sort of the main character, or maybe it's Revy. It's kind of hard to tell. Wikipedia does a much better job of explaining the series than I do, but be warned, the article is spoiler-rific. Anyway, this thread is for show and episode discussion, so feel free to talk about any episode of the first season you want to.
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