The Dragon-Quest Style Customizable Menu System - Version 1.20

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The Dragon-Quest Style Customizable Menu System
Version: 1.20
Author: Ekras
Date: 04 11, 2008

Version History

# Updates to version 1.2
# - Script Name changed from "Dragon Quest Style Status Indicator"
#   to "Dragon Quest Style Customizable Menu System"
# - Dragon Quest Style Status Screen coded
# - Main Menu now easily configurable (Change items on the menu!)
# - Refill Command on the Status Screen currently does not function (TBD)
# - Somehow the blank line never made it into 1.1, but it is definatly in 1.2
# - Added functions to the mini-boxes to show Current EXP, EXP to next level
#  and Class
# - New error msgs are more descriptive, and appear in print commands instead of
# - in game. (you'll get a popup)
# - The player is able to back out of menu screens in the DQ Style Status Screen
# - Able to independantly change the font of the Staus Menu (partially implemented)

Planned Future Versions
#  Coming soon in Version 1.3
#  - Lots of optimization - Script will be faster, smarter, and smaller
#  - Sprite display in the mini-boxes (code is done, but still has many bugs)
#  - The ability to use one large "mega" box in place of the mini-boxes
#  - Dragon Quest Style Equip Screen + Equipment Box in DQ Style Status
#  - Additional information (Equipment) displayed under "See All" in the DQ Status screen
#  - More Font customization
#  - Much more......


<Describe the script. Say what it does and what purpose it serves>


In FAQ Format:

What? I thought this was a Dragon Quest Style menu? What Gives?
The menu also includes a completely optional (you can use your own custom menus, or the stock one!) custom-written and easily customizable menus (currently only the status menu is implemented) made to resemble the dragon-quest menu system.

Can I use D.Q.S.C.M.S. in my game?
Sure thing! If it's a commercial game contact me, but otherwise feel free to use it crediting Ekras.

Wow this script is HUMONGOUS!
Well that's more of a comment, but I figure I should give an answer as to why. The script would be MUCH smaller if it wasn't for the ability to customize the menu. There are error messages if you put invalid values in, checks and re-checks to make sure the window closes regardless of what you do. The menu has to write itself completely differently depending on all the possibilities, and still be able to open and close windows properly, update itself accordingly etc.

How do I enable the Dragon Quest Style Menus?

If you just want to replace the stock status with the DQ status just change the type of the menu item (status is item 4) to 3.


Simply place the (entire) script in one script above main.

Once you test to make sure its compatible with your other scripts, go ahead and modify the information at the top of the script until the menu appears how you want it - it's a snap to set up.


Script is too big to fit in a code box- it's in a text file here:

(Anyone know of a more...neutral... place I can host the text file?)


  • See top of script for credits and thanks


Easiest to reach me on this thread:


Let me know if you are going to use it in a commercial game for us to discuss, otherwise feel free to use it with credit to Ekras.

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Hey, it's nice to see you here. I intended to help with that problem but it seems it was resolved before I could. Anyway, it's a nice script, even if there are too many capital letters :P

Also, you can attach files to a post by clicking on Additional Options. But, it's fine to have it hosted on RRRevolution too. No need to attach it everywhere when you already have a working host after all.

Also, I'm not sure about Error Messages. They are useful to have to some extent, as they can inform the user as to bad customization. But, I would consider including error handling and only have Error messages appear only if in Play Test, and if it happens in a real game then just handle the error by resetting to default conditions for that option. Anyway, that's just an opinion. It's a nice script.
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Thanks. It's nice to be here. I've been looking for all the major boards to post it on. I designed it this way mainly for myself to make it easier to move stuff around etc. I realized while working on it that it was so easy to manipulate that other people might want to benefit from it.  I'm gonna take a small break on it, to look into editing one of your scripts (your multiple parties) into something similar to itembag for XP (Dragon Quest Style Item Management System) than come back with a really strong 1.3 :) I hope everyone enjoys it - let me know if there are any bugs or if anyone has comments, questions, or requests - worst case I say no :)

As for the error message thing - I left them in because its a menu script. If it was actual game play, no i wouldn't include many - if any - errors. However a menu is easy to test and check to make sure everything functions properly. It's really hard to cause one to happen even so, but if the designer makes a dumb mistake like put a negative number for the number of party members, or tries to expand an area of the code without adding in a correlating section in another part of the code, the game will let them know, and give them an explanation of how to fix it in some cases.